Creating Accessible Content

The Basics

The following considerations are the most important to keep in mind when creating content designed to be accessible by individuals with disabilities:

  • Always caption or use Alt Text on images for individuals using screen readers

  • When creating/presenting video content, always verbally describe or read what is being presented visually on the screen.

      • It need not be a lengthy explanation, just enough to provide context to anyone who can't see the screen.

  • Use Headings and lists in written content/resources.

      • Use styles from the ribbon/menu area, don't simply change type size or font.

  • Use clean fonts such as Ariel or Verdana and good contrasting colors such as black on white.

      • Avoid using combinations such as navy blue on black or yellow on white.

  • Label links appropriately

      • Good example: ”Click here for more information about Martin Luther King Jr”

      • Avoid links that say “Click Here” or "More Information"

  • Add captions to any video content.

Other Sources of Information

Resources from WCBVI:

Resources from UW Madison (Shared by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Resource Modules from

From Around the Web:

Image Descriptions

Checklists and Workflows

YouTube and Other Video Content:


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