Adjusting JAWS Settings

Adjusting JAWS settings can be confusing at times. Here is a breakdown of the two settings dialogues you can access, the difference between the two, and how to navigate the dialogue boxes.

Quick Settings vs. Settings Center

JAWS Key + V – Opens the Quick Settings Dialogue.

Changes made in this dialogue will only apply to the application that is currently open and in focus. For example, if you are in a Word document, to change JAWS settings that only apply to Word, press JAWS + V when Word is open and in focus. To change JAWS settings so they only apply to Outlook, press JAWS + V when focused in Outlook.

JAWS Key + 6 – Opens the Settings Center.

The Settings Center allows the user to make changes to settings across all apps and programs. Also, as described below, there is an Application Dropdown Combo Box that allows you to choose which app or program to which settings will apply.

Navigating the Dialogue

Regardless of whether you’ve opened the Quick Settings or Settings Center, you would navigate the dialogue the same way. Use the Tab key to navigate between the search box, tree view, reading pane, OK button, Cancel button, and the Application Dropdown.

Parts of the Settings Dialogue

The parts of the Settings Dialogue Boxes are described below.

Search Box – If you know the setting you are looking for, type a search term in the box. When finished, use the Tab key to navigate to the Tree View, then use arrow keys to make changes as descried above.

Tree View – When in the tree view (or the left pane of the dialogue) us the up and down arrows to move among the various settings. Use Space to navigate among the options for each setting or to check/uncheck a box

Reading Pane – Use the standard reading keys when in the reading pane to determine what the setting in focus does.

OK and Cancel Buttons – When focused on these buttons, press Space to activate them.

Application Combo Box – As described above, use this combo box to select an application to which you’d like to apply the setting changes you’ve made. From anywhere in the dialogue box, you can type Control + Shift + D. At that point, the text in the Combo Box will read “Default All Applications”.

Example: Changing Typing Echo Across All Programs

      1. Open the Settings Center using Insert + 6

      2. To ensure the settings apply to all applications, press Control + Shift + D

      3. Type the word typing in the search edit box.

      4. Press Down Arrow to move to Typing Echo in the tree view of settings center.

      5. Press Space to toggle the different choices for Typing Echo. The choices are:

          • Off

          • Characters

          • Words

          • Characters and Words

      6. Press Tab to move to the OK button, and press Space to activate it.


Changing Settings in JAWS

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