Chromebook Accessibility

Chromebook Basics for Accessibility (Including but not Limited to BVI Supports)

Interactive Tutorial: Chromebook Accessibility Features

Paths to Literacy: Chromebook Basics for Students with Visual Impairments

Chromebook Basics for Students with Visual Impairments - YouTube Webinar

Chromebook Accessibility Manual (WA School f/t Blind) - Downloadable docx File Also See ChromeVox Lessons in .docx Format further down on the page.

Chromebooks for Low Vision

Google Support Articles

Zoom in or Magnify your Chromebook Screen

Change Screen Resolution

Speak Selected Text (move down to “Listen to Part of a Page”)

Other Resources

Making the Pointer Larger

Paths to Technology: Chromebook for Low Vision Maximizing Success

Chrome Accessibility: Low Vision Access - YouTube

Using Screen Magnification - YouTube

Chromebooks and ChromeVox

Google Support Resources A Dedicated Website for ChromeVox Related Help

Use the Built-in Screen Reader: Chromebook Help

Other Resources

Paths to Technology: Using ChromeVox on your Chromebook Video Tutorials

ChromeVox: from Basics to Mastery Google Slides - Google Drive Folder

ChromeVox: From Basics to Mastery - YouTube Playlist of 6 Videos

Accessibility in Chromebook - YouTube Playlist with 14 Videos

ChromeVox Lessons from Washington State School for the Blind (note that the following files are downloadable .docx files)

CV Lesson 1:Keyboarding

CV Lesson 2: Accelerated Reader

CV Lesson 3: Chromebook Environment

CV Lesson 4: Google Drive

CV Lesson 5: Google Docs

CV Lesson 6: Google Docs (Formatting)

CV Lesson 7: Google Spell Check

CV Lesson 8: Navigating the Web