Portable / Foldable Desktop Video Magnifiers

Connect 12 and MATT Connect

Please note: The MATT Connect and Connect 12 are both manufactured by the same company (Humanware) and are extremely similar. Therefore, the two devices are combined for convenience.

Resources from Humanware

Connect 12 Product Page

Connect 12 User Guide

Getting Started with Connect 12

MATT Connect and Connect 12 Reset Procedure

Resources from APH

MATT Connect Product Page

MATT Connect User Guide

MATT Connect Guidebook

MATT Connect Skills Checklist

Accessing APH Textbook FilesUser Manual on the MATT Connect

Installing Apps from APH (Link to a Google Folder)

YouTube Short Videos and Playlists

Connect 12 Tutorials Playlist

MATT Connect Tutorials Playlist


Connect 12 Webinars Playlist

MATT Connect Training Webinars Playlist

MATT Connect Calculator and Exam Setup

Magnilink Tab

Resources from LVI America

MagniLink Tab Product Page

MagnaLink Tab User Guide

YouTube Short Videos and Playlists

MagnaLink Tab - The Blind Life

Intro to MagnaLink Tab – New England Low Vision and Blindness

Jupiter Video Magnifier

Resources from APH

Jupiter Video Magnifier Product Page

Jupiter User Guide

YouTube Short Videos and Playlists

APH Stories: Jupiter Video Magnifier

Intro to Jupiter Video Magnifier (INData Project)


Jupiter Video Magnifier Strategies and Features

Reveal 16

Resources from Humanware

Reveal 16 Product Page

Reveal 16 User Guide

YouTube Short Videos and Playlists

Video Tutorials Playlist

Reveal Overview (INDATA Project)


Humanware Low Vision Products Webinar

Choosing a Foldable Video Magnifier

ClearView Go

Resources from Optelec

ClearView GO Product Page

ClearView Go User Guide

YouTube Short Videos and Playlists

ClearView Go (INDATAProject)

ClearView Go (PATINSProject)

Visiobook HD

Resources from Woodlake Technologies

Vidiobook HD Product Page

Visiobook HD User Guide