Viewing a Google Slide Deck in HTML View

If you are a screen reader user, accessing presentations, meeting content, or other material shared in a Google Slides format can be difficult. This is especially true if the presentation contains links, tables, objects, and sometimes text that is formatted for visual appear that the screen reader does not read in context. This can be mitigated by reading the slide deck in HTML View. Note that it does not fix all Accessibility hurdles but it does make access to the document significantly easier.

To review the presentation in HTML View, press Control + Alt + Shift + P. This often makes it easier to read using your common screen reader commands. It also eliminates the need for you to go back and forth between the filmstrip view and the selected slide.

This command is also useful for those extracting text in an effort to make presentations available in other formats such as a Google Docs or Word Documents. The following sequence of steps may be helpful.

  1. Press Control + Alt + Shift + P to present the document and HTML view.

  2. Press Control + A to select all content.

  3. Press Control + C to copy the content that is selected.

  4. When you are in the location where you want to paste the content, press control plus V.

Please note that you may choose to use the mouse rather than the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above. However, use of the keyboard shortcuts is generally quicker and more efficient

Why not give this a try the next time you see a Google slides link in your email?